About Disk Partition


Disk partition

A partition is a part or section of a hard disk, or, in other words, a storage space unit of the highest level on it. You can have only one partition, occupying 100% of your HD, or divide your hard disk into multiple partitions (each for a certain purpose), determine their size, install the operating and file system you want. As a result, your single physical hard drive will turn into several smaller logical disks. We recomend Acronis partition manager for partitioning operations.

Actually a hard disk can exist on your machine without any partitions on it, but it’ll be pointless because you won’t be able to implement even basic tasks, say, install an operating system and thus store and access your data properly. It need be added that you can install the majority of Windows OSes onto a non-partitioned disk - in this case the operating system will implement partitioning itself in the course of installation.

One can distinguish four types of partitions. Let’s look at them closely to find out their specialties and cases where they can be of use at hard drive partitions types page.

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